Introducing Multi-Partition Support for Lucidity Auto-Scaler

At Lucidity, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to optimize cloud storage for our enterprise customers. We understand the challenges that organizations face when it comes to managing their cloud storage, including over-provisioning and downtime during peak hours. An ‘audit’ that we conducted of our customers’ cloud environments, showed that 5 out of 6 customers have multiple data partitions attached to every VM instance. 

With this data in mind, we are excited to announce the release of our Multi-Partition support for our Auto-Scaler platform. This new feature will enable our customers to onboard more than one data partition onto the Auto-Scaler platform, providing greater savings and improved performance.

The drawbacks of over-provisioning cloud storage

One of the key challenges that our customers have faced is the need to over-provision their cloud storage to ensure zero downtime. Over-provisioning cloud storage can lead to a couple of key problems for companies, including:

  1. Waste of resources: If a company has over-provisioned its cloud storage and is not using all of the capacity that it has purchased, it may be wasting resources and incurring unnecessary costs. Typically, most enterprise companies see up to 70% of their storage being wasted!
  2. Difficulty in managing storage capacity: Managing a large amount of cloud storage can be challenging, and it may be difficult for a company to keep track of how much storage is being used and how much is available.

Introducing Multi-Partition support for Lucidity Auto-Scaler

With our Auto-Scaler solution, customers can automatically scale their storage up or down based on their actual usage, eliminating the need for over-provisioning. 

Our new Multi-Partition support takes this one step further by allowing customers to onboard multiple data volumes from the same instance with ease and efficiency. This means that they can easily and efficiently manage their storage across different applications or workloads, without the need for manual intervention. In addition to providing even greater savings and improved efficiency, our Multi-Partition support also offers the added benefit of hardware isolation. This means that customers can ensure that their data is secure and protected from any potential vulnerabilities.

Designing an efficient Multi-Partition support solution

After engaging with our customers to understand all the use cases for multi-partition support, we realized our solution had to meet a few key requirements: 

  1. Onboard one or more data partitions to our Auto-Scaler platform. Customers should also have the ability to bulk onboard multiple data volumes. 
  2. Allow customers to deboard a data volume if they desire. While we are completely confident with the value that our solution will offer, we still want to give our customers the ability to deboard one or more data volumes from the Auto-Scaler platform. 
  3. Scale the underlying storage for each partition to ensure we don’t cross 70-80% utilization. Maintaining utilization between 70% - 80% is generally the sweet spot that ensures a disk’s capacity is being optimally used while still maintaining a buffer for any additional storage requirement. 


Overall, our new Multi-Partition support offers a range of benefits to our customers, including reduced cloud storage costs, zero downtime during peak hours, and the ability to easily and efficiently manage their storage. With just a click of a button, customers can on-board their data volumes and start realizing the benefits of our Auto-Scaler platform.

We are excited to bring this new feature to our customers and look forward to helping them optimize their cloud storage and reduce their costs. If you would like to learn more about our Auto-Scaler solution and how it can benefit your organization, please contact us today.

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